Join us & embrace your potential & originality.

About Storii Group​

We are a community that values our team above all else. We recognize that people are the heart and soul of any organization, and we have made it our mission to prioritize their well-being and satisfaction above profits.

Our commitment to putting people first has resulted in a workplace culture that is dynamic, positive, and empowering. Our team members are free to be their authentic selves, work towards their personal goals, and thrive in an environment that fosters growth and development.

At Storii Group, we believe that a supportive and fulfilling workplace culture is essential to delivering exceptional results and profits. Our unique approach has proven highly successful, and we have become known as the "Mana Ohana" - a source of energy and community for our team.

If you are looking for a company that values your unique talents and provides a platform for growth and development, Storii Group is the place for you. Join our team today and become part of a community that is committed to putting people first and achieving meaningful, positive outcomes for all.

Core Value

We deliver ORIGINALS nothing else

We GIVE first take later

We set HIGH standards deliver HIGHER results

We focus on ESSENTIALS only

We have FUN

We are ONE

Rules of Excellence


Appreciate all that is happening for you.

Fighting Spirit

Can do attitude. If it is to be, it is up to me.

Trust & Respect

Create a space where everyone can be their complete, original selves.


Thinking beyond and see opportunity in every challenge.


To uphold the highest standard of honesty and authenticity.


Accept that you’re afraid and do it anyway!

Career Opportunities

Marketing Department

B2C Sales/ Marketing and Strategy/ Research and Development/ Copywriter

Account Department

Account Receivable/ Account Payable

Production Department

Graphic Designer/ Creative Director

Human Resource Department

Strategy and Planning/ Talent Management/ Payroll/ Compensation and Benefits/ Training and Development

Operations and Supply Chain Department

Logistics & Warehouse/ Administration/ Order processing/ Supply Chain Expert/ Picker and Packer

Customer Service

Customer Experience/ Retail and Sales

B2B Sales Department

Strategy and Planning


Marketing / Human Resource/ Graphic Designer/ Account/ B2B Sales/ Research and Development/ Nutritionist/ Dietitian