and HAPPINESS to people.

Our purpose

To bring ORIGINALITY and HAPPINESS to people.

What We Do

Our services cover every aspect of the process from strategic planning, branding, marketing, to distribution of premium consumer food products.

About Storii Group

Storii Group is a holding company dedicated to bringing original, high-quality products to consumers. At our core, we believe in the value of essentialism - doing only what matters - to ensure that we deliver products and services that are truly exceptional.

Another key value that drives our business is the power of storytelling. We understand that brand building and marketing are essential pillars of any successful company, and we pride ourselves on our ability to tell compelling stories that bring people together. Our focus on storytelling not only helps us create strong brands, but also allows us to build deeper connections with our customers and clients.

At Storii Group, we are committed to providing unique and competitive products and services that meet the needs and expectations of our customers. Our values of essentialism and storytelling are integral to everything we do, and we believe they are the key to our continued success. We welcome the opportunity to work with investors and industry experts who share our vision and values, and who are committed to building a better future through innovative and inspiring products and services.

Core Value

We deliver ORIGINALS nothing else

We GIVE first take later

We set HIGH standards deliver HIGHER results

We focus on ESSENTIALS only

We have FUN

We are ONE

Services we provide

Strategic planning

Market research
Competitive landscape
Brand strategy

Branding & Marketing

Product & brand key factor analysis
Brand positioning
Consumer profiling

Global Food Product Trading

Localized sales expansion
Global sales expansion
Trade partner management

Sales Activation

E-commerce sales & management
Website design & building
Order fulfilment
Channel building & campaign management

"Originality brings more bumps in the road, yet it leaves us with more happiness and a greater sense of meaning."

- Adam Grant